High Resolution Optical Scanner with Image Processing System.

RaaX’s BIPS-V high resolution optical scanner provides continuous high resolution orientated imagery of borehole walls in wet or dry conditions. The unique optical lens allows 360° recording and processing of projected images to magnetic north, as well as determination of the borehole’s azimuth and inclination. Image processing software is used to identify and orientate all discontinuities in vertical or inclined boreholes.

The high resolution optical scanner can complement or even replace traditional core logging methods where a high degree of accuracy is required, or in areas of poor core recovery. Optical resolution recorded to 125 microns in HQ borehole provides “virtual core” libraries for expert analysis and further extrapolation in GIS programmes.


Videos See BIPS Image Viewer App for conveniently viewing and rotating images in the field.

Download BIPS-V Data Sheet.


Projection Image

Cable-less sonde available for long horizontal surveys (eg forecast boring at tunnel face)


Dual Mode Video System (DVS)

RaaX’s dual mode video system (DVS) operates a full 360° rotational, manually adjustable focus, side looking camera, as well as a forward looking camera. Liquid crystal controller allows real time viewing, camera rotation and focus adjustment, as well as depth recording. Outlet terminals allow viewing and capture of still images on to a PC.

Probe is available in 100mm and 60mm diameters. Idea for water well casing inspection and detailed observation in rock mass or concrete foundations.

Resolution of 380,000 pixels, equating to 0.456mm in a NQ borehole, or 0.793mm in a HQ hole.

DVS - Bore Cameras


Well casing inspection using DVS

Spot Images



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