RaaX's innovative Borehole camera Image Processing System (BIPS) provides continuous oriented, high resolution images of borehole walls, at an affordable cost.

Our borehole camera visualisation tools include:

Geological discontinuities such as joints, beddings, faults, shear zones, mineralized zones, can be analysed by BIPS software and oriented to a global reference. The system is applicable to vertical or inclined boreholes, in wet or dry conditions.

BIPS Benefits

  • Geo referenced 3D view of the borehole – important in zones of significant core loss or complex fracture sets
  • Complements or replaces traditional drill coring and survey methods
  • Continuous survey of the borehole; records the azimuth and dip at a sub-millimetre level along the course of the log
  • Orientation of all structural features intersecting the borehole, plus the ability to calculate the frequency and the apertures
  • Highly detailed visual representation of the core, while maintaining an easy-to-access virtual core library
  • Digital image storage, allowing integration into a database and reinterpretation
  • Detection of petrochemical leakage and plume migration pathways
  • Detection of thin beds beyond the ability of the human eye



Borehole Images