About Us

Established in Australia in 1991, RaaX has over 30 years experience conducting innovative research and development into borehole logging systems. Utilizing its own BIPS® technology, RaaX can provide detailed scientific analysis of boreholes and ground conditions.



Today, the BIPS® has become an essential tool for geotechnical investigations in civil engineering and construction, mining and mineral exploration, and environmental investigation projects.

We are based in Canberra and operate throughout Australia, Asia and the South Pacific. Our clients include civil engineering and environmental consultants, as well as state government and research organisations.


The Team


Raax Borehole CEO

Dong Choi, Director / geologist
PhD (geology)

Dong has 45 years experience in structural geology, seismic stratigraphy and engineering geology. He was the founder of RaaX Australia in 1991. Dong is a specialist in global tectonics and is Editor-in-Chief of the New Concepts in Global Tectonics (NCGT) newsletter. He is also a director of the International Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Centre. He is a member of the Australian Geological Society. Dong is fluent in English, Korean and Japanese.



Andrew Habets - RAAX Australia

Andrew Habets, Director / geologist
Ba App Sc (geology) AusIMM, FRGS

Andrew has over 25 years of hands on experience as a geoscientist. He has worked as a consultant in mineral exploration, mining, hydrogeology and geotechnical investigations in rural and urban environments, for a broad variety of projects world-wide. He is a member of the AusIMM and a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society.


Hokkaido UniversityDerivation of company name: RaaX is an acronym derived from razor and axe. The founders of the company were educated by the renowned geologist, Professor Masao Minato, of Hokkaido University. He believed geologists must have two observation tools – a razor and an axe; one cutting finely and one coarsely, or in other words: See nature as it is, precisely and comprehensively.